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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 67 05/02/2011

happy may!!!

Happy May everybody!!! Its gonna be a good month! First off: happy birthday to my Audrey yesterday! I hope it was awesome! And today is aunt chrissy’s birthday and tomorrow is uncle nates and ross’s on thursday! Happy happy birthday you guys!! I love you all!! And how could I forget my mamas birthday on saturday!! I love love love you!! Sounds like theres gonna be a lot of birthday cake this week! And happy mothers day on Sunday! I cant wait to talk to you guys! Oh my gosh, I cant even explain to you how happy I am for the Beausoleis!!! That’s so awesome! Im so excited for you guys!

We had a pretty good week here. It was kinda hectic but it was good. We had a lot of appoinments set up for this week with investigators but then they all canceled except for candy. We met with her on Wednesday night and we were going to read from the book of Mormon with her and read alittle bit more about baptism but when we got there and sat down she said, so how does this whole baptism thing work? What do I need to do to be prepared for it? And she said that she had been praying to know when she should be baptized and said she was looking at her calendar and kept looking at may but thought that was to soon. So then we told her that we were praying about it and were looking at may 21st and promised her that if she made that decision that heavenly father would make sure that she is ready by that day as long as she does her part. She was all for it and was like, okay what do we need to do now? And we taught her the word of wisdom right then.It was awesome! That’s the only lesson we had with an investigator this week but that’s okay cuz it was awesome! We had some really good lessons with some of the families in our ward and getting them to invite friends to church this month. Theres a really cool video that we’ve been showing them that just gets you super pumped to invite your friends to church and I’ll send it to you. Its awesome!! Other than that we spent a lot of time still trying to meet people and we did a lot of service last week. We helped one of the families in our ward clean their house because they were moving out on Tuesday and then we helped them move into their new house on Thursday so that’s what we spent a good amount of our day doing both thouse days and then on Friday and Saturday we were on exchanges and we helped another one of our members take all the wall paper down in her kitchen and dining room and then Saturday our bishop asked us to come and helped a less active lady that has a lot of problems move into her new apartment. The ward is doing A LOT to help this lady because shes got some kids that are the ones that need to be taken care of and we thought it was only going to be for about 2 hours but then we ended up being there from about 11 am to 4:30 pm and had to go straight to our dinner appointment which was at the folkmans. They are awesome!! I don’t think I told you that one of the girls that came to iowa city last summer for the mini mission (called to serve program) and was with sister shields and I is in our ward here in Bettendorf. I was so excited to see her! Shes amazing!

That was about it for our week though. Sister jergensen is going to be with us tomorrow which will be awesome as always! I hope everyone has an awesome mothers day! And any one that’s having a birthday make it a great one! i love you all soo much and thank you for everything! Bethany, I’ll be right there with ya in 2 months! We can be awkward together! Lol. Ames, good luck at your meet this week! You’re gonna kick butt! I love you all! Have an awesome week!! I’ll talk to you on Sunday!!!! Whoo hoo!!

Till next time,

Sister C

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