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Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 66 04/25/2011

i LOVE you i LOVE you i LOVE you!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome easter! I totally spaced it last week when I was emailing and didn’t even realize that easter was last week (yesterday). Thank you for the easter package mom and dad! And sister Whitaker says thank you and she wants to give you a big hug but she’ll just hug me instead. Sounds like you guys have been havin fun in Pittsburgh. That’s funny that you guys saw some sisters from Nauvoo! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for her next time I go. I’ll actually be going on may 10th with a bunch of the elders and president and sister jergensen for our going home temple trip which is gonna be awesome!

Well, it was a pretty awesome week here in Bettendorf. Monday we had a really good lesson candy. When we went to meet with her she hadn’t read the chapter in the book of mormon that we asked her to read before we came back so we read it with her. We talked to her about being baptized and she said she wants to but says she’s not ready yet so we asked her to pray and ask heavenly father when he thinks she’ll be ready. She didn’t come to church yesterday and we’re not sure why but we’re gonna be meeting with her pretty soon. Tuesday morning we had to be in iowa city at 8 in the morning to meet everyone else and car pool to des moines for leadership training. Last week was really rainy and so cold all of a sudden and of course that happens right after I send all my winter stuff home thinkin that I don’t need it anymore. Iowa is so bipolar when it comes to the weather. Goodness. Once we got to des moines we had training for the rest of the day. Then the same thing the next day. We had breakfast at the mission home with everyone which was fun getting to hangout with the people that you don’t get to see very often and then we went to the stake center and had training till about 5 that day and then we went to dinner with a bunch of the elders. There were only 4 of us sisters at training and the other two had to leave early so sister Whitaker and I went to dinner with our AP’s and some of ther other missionaries that were there and then we had a 3 hour drive home from there so it definitely made for a long day. It was really good though. I love going to leadership training! We haven’t really had very many chances to teach this week. I don’t know what people do here but they’re never home. We’ve been trying to meet people that the elders were working with and we’ve just been knocking on doors and no ones home. The weather is getting a lot nicer though so people are startin to come out of hibernation finally so that makes it a lot easier to talk to people when they’re already outside. So I never thought this would happen but i’ve been eating super healthy lately and I like vegetables. Lol. But ive been trying to eat really healthy lately, haven’t eaten any junk, no soda…nuthin. But on Friday I was really craving pizza and I just wished that our dinner appointment would have pizza and when we got there…there was papa murphys! Tender mercy right there. Lol. That happened when I was in iowa city with sister shields and she really wanted a baked potato and then our dinner appointment said she changed her mind at the last minute and decided to have baked potatos. Heavenly father answers prayers…even when its just about a potato or pizza. Lol. But don’t go thinkin that hes gonna give you a potato everytime. Lol . cuz then the next day our dinner appointment was apparently going to give us pizza but then she found out that we had it the night before and decided to give us seafood! Whats with people and eating things that live in water? I prefer animals that have at least 2 legs.

Well, the Mississippi river’s been floodin lately and there’s a bunch of roads that are closed because they’re completely covered by water so we went down by one of the bridges that cross the river and it was pretty cool. The Mississippi river is huge!! We have to cross it to go to church everyweek. It was a pretty good week!! I think that’s about it for here. Hopefully we’ll be gettin a few new people to teach this week. i love you all!!! I cant believe bethany’s gonna be home this week! give her a big hug for me! And tell her I love her!!!

Your attitude determines your week…..make it a GREAT one!!!!!!!

Till next time,

Sister C

The church is TRUE!!!!!!!! and i LOVE it!

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