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Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 64 04/11/2011

Subject: hello bettendorf!!!!!!!

HELLO!!!!! Hows it goin everyone! Spring breaks comin up…awesome! What are you all doin for it!?

Well, things have definitely been different this week. Thursday we went to transfers where we all find out where we’re goin. Usually when they take both missionaries out of an area and put two new ones in they call it whitewashing but president decided that when he puts sisters in he’s gonna call it pink washing. I told him there is no pink washing goin on here..i don’t do pink. Lol. President likes getting a reaction out of me. so we found out where we were goin and said HELLO BETTENDORF!!! Sounds like something from harry potter. I love it here so far! Its definitely weird after being in Maquoketa/de witt for so long and being somewhere now that I don’t know everyone and you have to start all over with getting to know people and building those relationship again. Thursday night I barely slept, I just laid there and was just thinking this isn’t my bed..this is weird. But we’ve got some pretty good people that the elders started teaching before they left that we’re gonna meet with this week. We met with one of them, keith on Friday. He’s pretty sweet and he’s really interested and said that he eventually wants to join our church which is awesome. We just need to help him get to the point of actually doing it. Our lesson with him went really well. We had our bishops wife, sister cropper with us and she was amazing when she bore her testimony of the book of mormon and joseph smith. The spirit was super strong. Friday we got to go and do service at a retirement assisted living place and holy cow you wouldn’t mind being old and retired either if you saw the place where these people live. Lol. It was really fun though getting to help them plays games and whatever kind of activities they want to do. Then we spent a lot of time on Friday and Saturday going through our area book and seeing what kind of work we have to do in this area. We’ve also been goin around and meeting some of the members and then we got to meet most of them at church yesterday which was good. Ive heard so many good things about this ward and im super excited to work with them. This area kinda makes me feel like im in Roseville which is a really weird feeling. Theres been some crazy thunder/lightning storms this last week but I love em. Its gonna be an awesome week for sister Whitaker and I and for all of you…I can feel it! You are all awesome and remember I love you so much! Have a sweet spring break! Tell uncle walt I love him too!

Till next time,

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