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Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 34 9/13/2010

Subject: hello from maquoketa!!!!!!

To: macfamilyfarm@surewest.net

hello from Maquoketa!! I hope everyones having an awesome week so far…granted its only Monday but I hope everyones having an awesome Monday! Thank you for all the letters ive gotten from everyone im slowly but surely writing you back I promise.

So they changed the way we’re doing transfers now. Instead of having everyone be picked up by the transfer van and having trainers pick up their greenies in des moines everyone that is being transferred or getting a new companion goes to the stake center in iowa city and we have a big transfer meeting with president jergensen where he announces where everyone is going and with who. So that’s how I met my new greenie sister felix. She’s from Anaheim California. She’s super cute and quiet. We are the complete opposite in every way shape and form possible so far. Its really funny! But I like her! I don’t know what heavenly father was thinkin having me train, hopefully I don’t ruin this girl. Lol.

Its really weird not being in iowa city. Being in a new area with a new companion where neither one of us know whats going on in the area. Its super awesome! So we got to Maquoketa Thursday afternoon. The elders that were there before us told me that they did their best to clean it for us. We all know what that means…so we ended up spending a couple hours actually cleaning the apartment before we got settled in. lol. Since then we’ve pretty much been trying to meet a lot of the members in the branch and meeting the investigators that the elders left for us which aren’t very many but we work with what we’ve got. There are A LOT of inactive members here. It could be a ward if even half of the inactive list became active. We’ve got a lot of work to do. And our area is really big. Maquoketa is a super small town and its really spread out. And then we cover a few other towns that are about 30-40 minutes away. We have to drive about 30-35 minutes to get to church but that’s okay cuz I get to drive a super nice chevy Malibu forget the soccer mom van I drove in iowa city. Lol. it is soooooo pretty out here, its ridiculous. Its gonna be a really busy week trying to find new investigators and starting to work with the ones we have and with the members. We’re supposed to preach the gospel to every living creature….theres a lot of hogs out here im sure theres some potential with them if we cant find any in town this week but we will.

Sorry this was kind of a pooper of an email this week but I do love you all!! I love being a missionary! This is the greatest work! To go out and to share with other people the plan that heavenly father has for all of us. To come to earth and live (no matter how long or short of a time that might be)so that we can learn and progress to be more like heavenly father and live with him again after this life. that’s what he wants for us. He wants us to be happy! thats my favorite thing to share with people and if it wasn’t for a really good friend of mine that I love and miss so much I wouldn’t be out here sharing that with people. So thank you to her and to her mom! Phillipians 1:3

You’re all in my prayers! I love you all

Till next time

Sister C

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