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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Courtney has lived with the Gelders while in Iowa City. Brother Gelder sent me this email today. The people in Iowa City have been great.

Hi Anna,

I am told you already know, but Sister Callaway transferred away from us this morning. :( She is transferring to the town of Maquoketa, where she will be a trainer to a new missionary from the MTC. The two of them will open the town for sister missionaries--there were elders living there until today. We will certainly miss her. We love her, and she's been a wonderful missionary here, as well as a great addition to our family for the time she was here. You can be very proud of her and of the growth she has shown during the 4+ months she lived with us, as well as her great attitude. She of course loves you and misses you (and enjoyed hearing your recorded voice the other day), but know that she is where she should be and is doing a good job and has a strong testimony. She will be a great trainer.

I hope you will stay in touch. I wish you and your family well always.


Bruce Gelder

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