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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week 33 9/9/2010

Bye bye Iowa City!!!

Hello!!!!! How was everyones week!? whats everyone up to? Happy birthday last Saturday daddy d!!

First of all, the weather has been amazing the past week and a half!! I love it!! Feels like California weather!! Football season is definatley here. Saturday was the first hawkeye game of the season and i’ve never seen so many people dressed in black and gold before. Definatley not as good as any del oro game! But holy cow people are dedicated to the hawkeyes out here. I’ve seen so many people w the hawkeye tattooed on their backs or legs and who knows where else. This week was pretty crazy for us. We’ve been in a tri-companionship for the last week because one of the sisters from a different area was emergency transferred to us. President had to move her before there was a beat down. I like her though, she’s awesome! Its really weird going tracting with 3 people. I feel like it’s a little overwhelming for the person whos door we are knocking on but teaching with 3 people is pretty nice. We’ve doing A LOT of work with the members and the less active members and recent converts in the ward this week because we haven’t had anyone to teach except for ricky. Anna is amazing as usual! She got a calling a couple weeks in relief society. She had no idea what it was but she was excited!
We saw ricky a couple times this week and he’s getting baptized next Saturday!!! Im soo excited for him. Ricky’s so awesome! And of course im getting transferred the week before. I leave tomorrow for maquokada (don’t ask me how to spell that). Im training for the next 2 transfers!im super excited but a little nervous at the same time. Should be quite the adventure!! This transfer has been really good but pretty hard at the same time so im hoping that the next 2 will be ever better. I cant even explain how much I don’t want to leave iowa city though. Im excited to go somewhere else but I don’t want to leave the people here. Ahh. But obviously god doesn’t want me here anymore, you cant really argue with him about it. Lol. Anna was really upset when I told her I was leaving! Im gonna everyone but especially anna and leslie and the elzingas! I’ll definatley be back to visit though! the last couple of days we’ve pretty much been tracting and running around so I could say bye to people. Sorry this ones kinda of short but I’ve gotta go finish packing (my favorite thing to do!! Lol)
I love you all!!! Have an awesome week!! Have a good first day of school steph!! Blake, presty, trav, vita and steph…be good! Have fun! Tell Idaho hello for me.

Till next time

Sister C

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