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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 72 05/31/2011 FOUR MORE WEEKS!!

Subject:tis the season...allergy season!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! How was your guys’ memorial day weekend? Do anything fun? Summer times here and schools gettin out…whoo hoo!! I cant believe amys gonna be starting drivers ed..weird! I think she should just be cool like me and wait till shes 18. lol. I totally spaced it when I was emailing last week but happy day of birth last week brit! And uncle pauls getttin hitched this week!! One word….awesome!!! im so excited for him! Tell him I love him and give him a big hug for me and tennyson too!! Tell him im so excited for him to go to brazil!! My goodness everyones goin there, im feelin kinda left out. Not really actually, iowa’s so much better. We’ve got cows, corn, pigs and soybeans..what more could you want. Lol. I cant believe its still snowin up in the mountains. That’s crazy.
We had a pretty good week. We had most our appointments with investigators fall through but we found stuff to keep us busy. We spent almost an entire day helping one of the less active ladies in our branch, sister cheney around her house. She’s older and lives by herself and she needed help re-gluing all of her wall paper in her family room so sister Freitag and I were up on ladders all day. It was really nice though, we got to know sister cheney and help her and she came to church on Sunday which was really nice to see her there. She’s such a funny cooky old lady that likes to sneak things into you car when your not looking, like a cactus. We spent some time at a less active members house, the zimmermans. Oh my gosh, I love them!! They’re soo awesome! They’re in their late 60’s and sister Zimmerman (first name’s Ginny) says she was baptized a long time ago but no one has her records and no one knows where they are so we’re not sure if she really was baptized or not. But she and her husband are amazing. Saturday was awesome. One of the towns that we cover is called Bedford and on Saturday they had their annual “Bedford in Bloom” festival. One of the members of our branch was the head chairman of it and had sister Freitag and I really involved in it. There are a lot of towns in our area that don’t accept “outsiders” very well especially when you knock on their door so we’ve been trying to do service in those towns so that we can be seen and get to know the people that live there that way and Bedford is one of those towns. So on Saturday we got to help out at the festival with the talent show which is a big thing here, some of the kids games and then with their “blazin bbq bash” contest. Let me tell you Iowans take their grill outs VERY seriously. They had different categories like: chicken, ribs, briskets, pork butt you name it they grill it. So they had like 6 different judges for each category but the jusdges couldn’t know who made what and the grillers couldn’t know who the judges were so it was double blind. so sister Freitag and I were the runners who went around and collected the meat and couldn’t let the grillers see the judges and took the meat for them. It was really fun and we got to talk to a lot of people and gave a couple book of mormons away. The elders that are in our district also came out for the day and helped out with the karaoke so the town was kinda stuck with us, they couldn’t get away even if they wanted to we were everywhere. Haha. It was a really good day. We had a really good day at church on Sunday. We had a couple less active members come which was awesome. Yesterday for memorial day Ginny (sis. Zimmerman) and her sister myrtle (we like to call her old myrty) took us to a memorial day service at the cemetery in their home town called diagonal that has a whopin 250 people and most of the towns that we cover are about that size. The service at the cemetery was really good and everyone that was there went and had lunch at the community center afterwards and Ginny was introducing us to all her old friends that shes known her entire life. It was really good to meet pretty much the entire town at the same time and having someone that they all love be the one to introduce us to them all.
Well we’ve got some appointment set up this week that should be really good and hopefully we’ll be finding some new people to teach and get this place up and goin.
I think that’s about it for us here in good ole lenox iowa!! I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!!!!
Till next time,
Sister C

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